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What I Do


Execution should be balanced with reflection. Let me be your thought partner as you uncover ways to uplevel yourself and your organization.


Leadership should be tailored to fit you. I’ll help you fine tune your leadership style to be both authentic and effective. Allow my years of experience to guide your journey.


Curiosity is at the heart of being a good leader, and I’ve been honing the craft for over 15 years. Let me share the tricks of the trade to give you a head start.

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What My Clients Say

Joyce W.

Everything just clicked, and I find myself suddenly understanding how a complicated problem had turned into a simple problem with a solution right in front of me. I would highly recommend Tanner as your coach!

Joyce W.

Director of Engineering, LinkedIn

Tanner is like a searchlight. I control the direction, and he shines a light right where I need it. His strength is listening and asking questions you did not think about asking yourself. He makes you think about what you value most, why you value it and what actions you can do to align yourself to that value. My other takeaway from our sessions was curiosity brings discovery. 

Sriti K.

Engineering Manager, Salesforce

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